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Homes for the Purple Martins

Two-level Natureline Rack System with 16 Natureline Gourds.

Purple Martin Housing -

  Natureline Gourds

Gourds are an ideal colony housing alternative to traditional Martin Houses.  They are strong and reliable and require only a small amount of maintenance.  Cleaning out in the fall by lowering the rack is made easier still by the snap in and out doors of the Natureline plastic, eleven inch gourds.  You can replace the standard doors with solid doors and keep them clean all winter.  Then in late February, you replace the solid doors with your starling-resistant crescent or oblong doors, raise it back into the air and wait for your first scouts to arrive.  Once the scouts and new arrivals move in, and get their nests built, you can either leave the starling resistant holes in place or change them out for the traditional round hole.  If starlings are not a problem in your area, then the round holes are all that are required.  If  starlings are a problem and your martins have begun to next, then leaving the oblong or crescent doors in place is preferred.  If you are concerned that your Martins will have difficulty with the starling-resistant doors, then you can use the starling-resistant doors with porches to give them a little help in entry.

The gourds have a vent in the top and drain holes in the bottom allowing adequate ventilation for good health.

There are two style racks available.  A single pole with eight gourds mounted in a spiral design around it or the Natureline rack that holds either eight or sixteen gourds that can be raised and lowered by a pulley system.

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Jerry Hampton

208 Dacus Drive

Sikeston, MO  63801

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Double rack system with 16 gourds.Natureline gourds displaying the three different doors available - crescent, round, and oblong.

Natureline Gourd with Crescent and Round doors on top.  Crescent and oblong doors with porches on bottom.

The doors are removable to clean out the gourds.

Male purple MartinPhoto of the different types of doors, crescent without porch, round, crescent with porch and oblong with porch.8 gourds on Blitz Pole.